2020 Pan-Mass Challenge Fundraiser Running Order and Details

Here is the running order for Saturday. We’ll plan to start at 8:00 am and expect that each skier’s set will take about fifteen minutes.

Fifteen Off Group:

Ward Lennon
Cub Owen
Nick Asey
Doug Rohr
Ed Dawson
Bill Gramig

Shortline Group:

Rusty Richardson
Mike Burris
Jim Aksamit
Libby Jamison
Randolph Cooper
Caroline Cooper
Michaela Cooper
Glenn Cliborne
Darris Bradshaw

This is all very flexible, so if you would like to change your spot in your group, then please let me know.

We’ll have the boats anchored along an imaginary line from the course entrance gates (not the 55 meter pre-gates) to that point along the north shoreline. We’ll pick skiers up from their own boat then head toward that north shoreline and make a tight turn back toward the course. We’ll make quick returns at the shallow end, then wait in our usual spot at the deep end for a few minutes to let the water settle. After the sixth pass, we’ll drive by the row of boats and the skier can drop at theirs. If the skier falls on their last pass, we’ll come back to get them and pull them skiing back to their boat. So, keep your ski on if you fall on your sixth pass. After any falls on passes one through five, we’ll come back to pick the skier up and then take them to the end of the course that they were headed to, so that we can stay on the six pass rhythm.


For the boat drivers and observers, I have some limited edition masks (see below). I only have five.


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